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Three places unite for a green vision: air quality monitoring enables funding for greening

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The towns of Mělník, Ústí nad Labem and the municipality of Zdiby are involved in an innovative project funded by Norway Grants, Ten Air, which aims to monitor air quality using modern sensor technology. This advanced system enables real-time air quality measurements in different parts of a city or municipality, providing accurate information on pollution sources.

With these results, specific pollution sources can be identified and action plans can be developed to help improve air quality in those areas. These plans are not just another superficial solution, but are created based on accurate data and measurement results.

In practice, this means that thanks to the Ten Air project, Mělník, Zdiby and Ústí nad Labem have decided to take action to green up and improve air quality. Thanks to this, the city of Mělník has already been able to apply for Norwegian funds for some green measures that will definitely be in the action plan. In particular, the town of Mělník applied for tree planting worth CZK 11 million. Zdiby took advantage of the call for Norway Grants and applied for a subsidy of over CZK 20 million for planting greenery. They will be able to start planting this year.

Urban greening is of great importance not only for improving air quality but also for the overall improvement of the environment. Trees and greenery have a positive effect on the health of the inhabitants, significantly cooling the area, correcting temperature and humidity, and thus contributing to reducing the so-called "urban heat island" effect. They act as a sound barrier, trap dust and solid pollutants, and inhibit many substances harmful to human health. In addition, green spaces enhance aesthetics and have a positive effect on the mental health of residents.

The Ten Air project therefore not only helps to identify sources of pollution and develop action plans to improve air quality, but also supports initiatives to green cities and towns and improve the environment. Ten Air shows that cooperation between universities, companies and local governments can bring about real change and improve the quality of the environment.

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On behalf of the TENT AIR project team Jana Panáčková, project coordinator

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