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Measurement of air quality

Clean air measurements are being carried out along the D8 motorway at a total of fourteen carefully selected locations of urbanised units. Specifically in Ústí nad Labem, Mělník and Zdiby. Each individual site is measured twice, in the heating and non-heating season, in order to obtain the most accurate data for further assessment and processing. In total, 28 measurements are carried out, each lasting one month.


Data analysis

Data collected by continuous measurement from 14 locations are sent to the laboratories of the VSB TU Ostrava, where they are subjected to a series of analyses by expert staff. An experienced team will first detect and separate the individual pollution sources from each other.  Each of the locations where the measurements are taken, has a different composition of immissions from transport, heating, technologies and a whole range of other sources.


Data modelling

Modelling is one form of interpretation of the measured data. By incorporating meteorological conditions into an air pollution dispersion model, we can get an idea of the movement of these hazardous pollutants in selected locations. Since there are usually thousands of measured data, map interpretation provides a simplified but nevertheless necessary comprehensive view.  


Action plans

The project aims to create 3 action plans for the municipality of Zdiby and the cities of Ústí nad Labem and Mělník. The aim is to create at least fifteen measures with an emphasis on nature-based solutions to reduce air pollution along the D8 motorway.  

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