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Municipality Zdiby: From measuring air pollution to planting green spaces and other measures


Over 15,000 trees planted at 21 locations in the municipality as part of grant projects with a total support of almost 19 million CZK over 12 months. This is not only the record of Zdibi in the field of combating air pollution within the framework of Norwegian funds over the last year. Zdiby, in cooperation with other municipalities within the D8 Corridor Association, is also now continuously monitoring the state of air quality with sensors at the most affected locations in the area.

All this is possible thanks to the involvement of Zdiby in the project "The impact of traffic on air pollution within the TEN-T route Ústí nad Labem - Mělník - Zdiby" - abbreviated as TENT AIR, in which this active municipality, together with two towns located near the D8 motorway, joined forces with the University of Mining and Metallurgy - Technical University of Ostrava and the Norwegian company Norsk Energi. This step was taken in an effort to obtain accurate and up-to-date data on the sources of air pollution around the D8 motorway. However, the aim was not only to obtain data on air quality, but above all to work with it further. To draw recommendations from experts and actively seek to improve the air quality in this congested community.

The TENT AIR project is not yet completely finished, yet Zdiby is already completing two more follow-up projects of green measures called: the Zdiby Protective Green System PHASE II - Centre site - SITUAL vegetation elements and the Zdiby Protective Green System PHASE II - Outer Ring site - LANDSCAPED vegetation elements.

"When the possibility of submitting a follow-up call for Norway Grants by 5.1.2023 came up, it was already November. We sacrificed the Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations to write the application in collaboration with the landscape architects, but when I walk past the already planted greenery today, I know it was worth it. Once the greenery becomes more involved and grows, it will not only beautify the village, but will also contribute positively to the absorption of pollutants and the capture of dust particles and promote more favourable climatic conditions in the village, adds the Mayor of Zdiby, Eva Slavíková.

Although greenery has an extraordinary ability to positively influence air quality, it is evident that it is not able to solve the complex problem of pollution on its own. Both intensive traffic and emissions from local heating plants, especially during the colder months, have a significant impact on pollution. That is why Zdiby has once again joined forces with VŠB - TUO and 11 other municipalities and towns in the Central Bohemian Region cooperating within the D8 Corridor Association to ensure the installation of sensors for the continuous measurement of air pollution in the most affected areas of each municipality. By participating in the project "Corridor D8, local air quality measurement with emphasis on the issue of household heating, Central Bohemia Region", Zdiby will thus obtain its own reliable data, which will be the basis for the municipality to implement further measures.

"The whole planting in Zdiby took place in an incredibly short time and I am very happy that this miracle was achieved thanks to the whole team," says the project administrator, Jana Panáčková, GetBizDone s.r.o.

You can learn more about the TENT AIR project and all the follow-up projects at the final TENT AIR Conference on 20.3.2024 in Masaryk's Cultural House in Mělník from 10:00 to 14:00. Mayor of Zdiby JUDr. Eva Slavíková will open the conference. The programme will also include a presentation of the project outputs, resulting measures including follow-up projects of the Norway Grants. Norsk Energi will present a unique model of measured data, thanks to which we will get an idea of the movement of hazardous substances in the air. At 1:00 pm, the two follow-up projects in Zurich focused on planting greenery will be presented by their coordinator Adéla Humlová.

The conference is open to the professional and general public.

You can register at this link:

Daniel Glaser, PR officer of the project Zdib Protective Green Space System STAGE II - Centre Site - SITUAL vegetation elements, tel.: 605 339 803, email:

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