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Looking back at the Measurement Technology Day in Zdiby

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

At the recent Open Day, we presented the main points of the TENT AIR project together with the Mayor Eva Slavíková and invited visitors to visit the measuring equipment that is now intensively collecting data on air quality in Zdiby.

The measurements will be carried out over several months to get as much information as possible. Some of the hazardous substances we are able to detect include nitrogen oxides, fly dust, hydrocarbons and others. We also have the capability to distinguish immissions from traffic from those caused by, for example, local heating plants.

You could see the unit during October in front of the municipal office, but now it is located at the Vltava River. We are also planning to map the situation around the D8 motorway and on the borders of Zdiby and Klecany. These locations have been carefully selected to give us a detailed picture of air quality in relation to various factors, including traffic.

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