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Based on measurements, Zdiby decides to push for cleaner air: new greenery and other steps on the ho

Detailed air quality measurements carried out as part of the TENT AIR project, supported by Norwegian funds, have provided the municipality of Zdiby with valuable information on the current air quality status. Thanks to modern sensors and precise analysis, we know which pollutants dominate the atmosphere in the municipality and, more importantly, how to combat them.

These measurements show that traffic is one of the main polluters in the municipality. In the winter months, emissions from local heating plants add to the traffic.

One of the main proposed measures to improve the air condition in Zdibe, according to the forthcoming action plan, is the planting of greenery in the intra and extravillar areas of the village, whose natural function is, among other things, the ability to filter pollutants from the air.

Another activity of the municipality of Zdiby also targets and focuses in more detail on air quality, specifically on air monitoring with emphasis on the already mentioned issue of household heating, the so-called local heating sites.

Planting of greenery and monitoring of local heating sites are other projects supported by Norwegian funds. This interconnection of the various financial incentives helps the participating municipalities not only to detect the cause of the problem, but also to actively use the opportunities and tools offered to protect the environment and thus improve the quality of life of the local population. Zdiby is a positive example to others of how to proactively counteract the negative impacts we as humanity cause ourselves and how to draw on nearly 19 million CZK for these measures.

The TENT AIR project, which joins forces with universities, municipalities, companies, associations and the public in Zdiby, has shown how successful this cooperation can be and, most importantly, how it can lead to a positive impact on the environment in a specific location.

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On behalf of the TENT AIR project team Jana Panáčková, project coordinator

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