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VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB – TU Ostrava) is a university with a long tradition. The university was founded 170 years ago. It provides bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies at 7 faculties in full-time and combined form. It implements or participates in major research and development projects on its own and cooperates with a number of domestic and foreign universities as well as with the private sector.

VSB - TU Ostrava is the main leader and principal investigator of the TENT AIR project. It carries out expert laboratory evaluations of measured data and identification of pollution sources from samples collected at designated sites by ENVItech Bohemia s.r.o. The results and findings are presented to the project partners in the Czech Republic and the Norwegian partner Norsk Energi.

VSB - TU Ostrava, as lead partner, also participates in the preparation and participation in the project events. It cooperates in the preparation of printed materials and online contributions in the form of consultations and expert advice.

Norsk Energi

Norsk Energi is a Norwegian consultancy company providing services in the fields of energy, environment and security. It is actively involved in a number of large and small projects focused on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction - primarily through consulting, design, technology development and training. It thus provides a full range of environmental consultancy services.

Norsk Energi is modelling air quality dispersion for selected pollutants as part of the project.

GetBizDone, s.r.o.

GetBizDone is a social enterprise based in Liberec. It provides services in the field of social, environmental and sustainable projects supported by national and European grants. Its clients are municipalities, entrepreneurs and the non-profit sector, for whom it helps to secure funds for their projects as part of fundraising. It administers and supervises the correctness of the progress of the supported projects.

GetBizDone provides communication with the public, public administration and non-profit organizations within the TENT AIR project. It is the main actor in the organisation of open days. As part of external communication, it manages and maintains the project's website and Facebook pages. It also manages and communicates the development of the action plans of the towns and municipalities involved in the project.


SPOLEČNĚ z.s. is an association that aims to promote civic cohesion, culture, sport and leisure activities, especially in Ústí nad Labem and the surrounding area. The members of the association welcomed joining the TENT AIR project, which aims to improve the environmental situation in the D8 corridor and thus improve the quality of living in Ústí nad Labem.

Within the project, the association technically ensures the organisation of public events and participates in the publicity of the project.


The Statutory City of Ústí nad Labem

Ústí nad Labem is a city that faces a number of environmental problems. A very significant influence on the provision of environmental protection is due to the configuration of the terrain in which the Statutory City of Ústí nad Labem is situated, namely the narrow canyon of the Elbe River valley and the floodplain of the Bílina River and Ždírnický Brook. The city centre is concentrated on a small flat area along the Elbe River, where can also be found the main regional and supraregional transport arteries: the railway lines Prague - Děčín and Lysá nad Labem - Děčín and the state roads I/13, II/253, II/258 and II/261. Air pollution remains a significant problem. In the past, industry was the main cause of pollution, but nowadays it is mainly motor transport that contributes to the deterioration of air quality.

Thanks to the project, the Statutory City of Ústí nad Labem will obtain accurate data on air pollution from transport and a set of nature-friendly measures to mitigate the effects of these emissions from the action plan.


The Town of Mělník

Air pollution is objectively detected by monitoring pollutant concentrations using a network of measuring stations. In the past, there were no air quality monitoring stations in Mělník and its surroundings. There was no choice but to rely on data from stations located 20 km away in Veltrusy or Prague.

Thanks to the project, the town of Mělník will receive up-to-date data on air quality in its territory and, as part of the action plan, proposals for measures to improve air quality.


The Municipality of Zdiby

The municipality of Zdiby, located north of the outskirts of Prague, is, thanks to its location, a desirable place for many families looking for comfortable living on the border of the capital. The advantage of its excellent accessibility is largely undermined by traffic congestion, noise and related immissions. The municipal leaders have therefore taken it upon themselves to develop the site in a high quality and sustainable manner. Life here is very negatively affected by the adjacent D8 motorway, air traffic from the nearby Prague Airport, as well as local congested traffic. On top of all that, the area of the municipality is crossed by the route of the planned Prague ring road (part of the SOKP 519 - Suchdol - Březiněves), the planned extension of the D8 motorway, the construction of the Zdiby interchange and the connecting Prosecko’s radial road. Another relatively massive construction of logistics centres in the vicinity also has a negative impact. Among other things, the municipality fought for several years against the construction of a large-scale logistics centre by Goodman, which envisaged the construction of two oversized halls with a total area of up to 76 245 m2 near the centre of the village, the church, and the cemetery. Therefore, the municipality is also an active participant in a number of environmental impact assessment procedures for major construction projects in the vicinity of the village and the D8 motorway. Nevertheless, specific, independent and properly supported air quality data on which to refer in these proceedings and in negotiations with the relevant public authorities and other construction entities has not been available so far. This will only be possible with the measurements of the TENT AIR project. Moreover, and even more importantly, the municipality will then not have to react passively to the plans submitted by investors in the area. The results of the air quality measurements within the project will be an important basis for the municipality to design a set of nature-friendly measures to mitigate the effects of air pollution in the municipality. The design of green belts, protective bunds and other noise reduction measures will have a visible and audible impact on the lives of the inhabitants in the village.



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