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Improving the air in Mělník: Key data and first steps after the evaluation of the TENT AIR Project

The University of Mining and Metallurgy - Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB TU Ostrava) presents the first results from the TENT AIR project, which is dedicated to monitoring and assessment of air quality. This innovative project, which began in 2021, has become a key tool for investigating the composition and concentration of harmful substances in the air in Mělník.

The first measurement results show that the period from June to September was dominated by air pollution mainly from traffic. On the other hand, in autumn and winter pollution is mainly caused by biomass burning, followed by transport and to a lesser extent coal burning.

What are the significance and benefits of this information for the city of Mělník?

The city now has well-founded data on the sources of pollution in its territory. Thanks to a careful evaluation of the data, it has a solid basis for implementing projects aimed at improving the air quality and the overall environment in Mělník.

Mělník is already responding to these findings with concrete measures

In cooperation with experts, 13 sites have been selected for planting greenery to reduce the impact of air pollution and improve the city's microclimate. These interventions include accompanying linear greenery in the inner and outer city, green areas at two other sites and strengthening the forest canopy.

This year, Mělník also joined the Norway Grants programme and is installing sensors in two locations in the city that are most affected by emissions from local heating plants.

A city action plan is being developed

At the same time, we are working on an action plan containing proposals for measures to improve air quality in Mělník. This plan will be publicly discussed at the end of this year, with the aim of involving the public in the process and achieving a common improvement of the environment in the city.

More about the project:

On behalf of the TENT AIR project team Jana Panáčková, project coordinator

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